Hello my name is Zachary Tatum. I work for a company called LKQ. The people there are humble, understanding and honestly feels like family .I’ve been there more than a month now. I want to thank Ms. Julie for giving me such an opportunity This job has put me in a position to move forward .. I purchased a vehicle while working for Stride Staffing. In conjunction, there is more room for growth than I expected. This job is a career opportunity, Just a remember “your First impression,is your last …so make it count.”

Associate Zachary Tatum

Stride Staffing is the best agency I have ever worked with.

Mary, commercial building company

I used different staffing agencies and Stride is the best one. I applied and had an interview with a company the same day. No problems with my pay, they offered direct deposit.

Associate Edgar Molina

Great staffing agency. I came in and they helped right away and had plenty of jobs locally. They try to find what fits you best. If you are looking for a job, come here- they can help

Associate Courtney Maxwell

17 years. I have tried them all, and Stride Staffing is the best.

Joel, large millwork plant

We love working with Stride Staffing.

Brian, manager at large window framing company