Low morale in your company will prevent optimum productivity. How could it be otherwise? If good morale signifies your employees’ ability to work toward a common goal, the lack of it might sound the warning your company is in trouble.

When morale is high in the workplace, everyone collaborates, shows up every day (and on time!), is productive and expresses satisfaction with their job. When you realize what’s at stake, take steps to improve the spirit of your workers and reap the benefits of a shop or office filled with happy employees.

But what can you do to improve morale? Here are a few simple steps you can take in that direction.

Socialize around food

Food brings people together. Schedule a regular dinner or happy hour to bring your employees together in a stress-free environment. Your workers will look forward to the camaraderie, and if it’s a dinner, you could occasionally invite family members to attend.

Another idea: Potluck meals at your monthly meetings. It will spice up your boring assemblies and give your people something to anticipate. In warm weather, you can move them outside and include a BBQ. Your employees will love it, and morale will improve.

Work out together

Healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive. Start out with company-wide fitness challenges. Form a company running club, complete with T-shirts and hats, and start entering 5K runs. Or organize weekend bike rides. Maybe you could enter company teams in a basketball or softball league. For those who can’t compete, schedule evening and weekend nature walks or trips to sporting events. The idea is to get every employee, no matter their fitness level, involved in an activity with other workers.

Volunteer as a company

Anyone who has ever volunteered knows the feeling you get from helping others. Creating teams of volunteers from your business will give your employees the satisfying feeling that comes from doing good. Your workers get to see another side of the people with whom they work as they become connected with their community.

If you have a corporate philanthropy, you could form a partnership with a nonprofit organization that aligns with it. Any volunteer activity is bound to raise morale and it doesn’t cost anything.

Find employees who want to be part of your company’s culture

Convincing today’s top candidates your company is their best choice is more critical than ever. A culture of fun, fitness, and altruism will go a long way to setting you apart. Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really. Contact us today  an request a consultation.

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