You probably know someone who owns or has owned a muscle car. Maybe you’ve had one yourself–that super-cool Shelby Mustang that roars like a lion or the Corvette that takes off like a cheetah.

These are the cars that owners don’t leave out in the rain. They treat them like members of the family. And they give them all the attention they need to keep getting the high performance they expect. It only makes sense; if you want something to perform efficiently, you must give it the proper care.

Your employees are a lot like that muscle car. Their performance is a direct result of the care you give them. Just like a well-tuned engine responds to the accelerator, a happy employee acts to make positive contributions to your company.

Here are a few suggestions for giving your workers the “maintenance” they require:

Stay in touch

If your muscle car developed a misfiring spark plug, you would quickly react with a tune-up. Similarly, when you notice one of your employees is unhappy, respond immediately. If your managers hold regular one-on-one meetings with each team member, they will keep the lines of communication open and catch potential issues early on.

Invest in them

You wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on your muscle car to keep it performing at its peak. Why would you not do the same for good workers? Even though money is not the primary motivator of employees, it can turn into an issue if one of your competitors is offering more than you are or if you have not kept up with inflation with annual increases. Make money a non-issue by paying well enough so they will not be tempted by other offers. Think of it as an investment in high performance.

Create and maintain a dynamic company culture

Give your employees the same TLC you would give your prized car—or your best customer—and you will have a company culture that consists of highly productive, fiercely loyal and mostly happy workers who will contribute to your firm’s goals and increase your bottom line. Businesses that have achieved a positive culture can attract and retain the best talent—simply by treating their people as something to be valued.

Add the best talent to your team

Convincing today’s top candidates your company is their best choice is more critical than ever. A culture of fun, fitness, and altruism will go a long way to setting you apart. Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really. Contact us today  and request a consultation.

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