Conflicts at work happen enough that it’s a good idea to know how to handle them when they come up. It could be anything from a coworker filling the refrigerator with some special diet ingredients so no one else has space to a supervisor being overly demanding and not understanding that you can’t get everything done all at once.

But what is the right way to handle conflict at work? Here are 4 tips.

1. Talk to the staffing agency

First, remember that you are a Stride Staffing Employee. When you accept an assignment with a Stride Staffing Client Company, it doesn’t mean you work for them.   While the Client Supervisor will direct your work activities you are ultimately our employee, and we care about your success!

So if you see a conflict at work, it’s ok to speak with the Client Supervisor but you should always report the incident to Stride right away. Call us at Stride. We can help you figure out a solution.

2. Represent the staffing agency well

It may be easy to get frustrated at work. But remember that all work situations have frustrating moments. Don’t just get angry and quit.

When Stride Staffing hires you, we depend on you to represent us well. Dealing with frustrating situations calmly and approaching the right people – at the staffing agency and the Client Supervisor – is all part of that.

If you are frustrated or challenged at work, you should consider the reason why you took on the opportunity.  Becoming a permanent employee with a Stride Client Company is the ultimate goal so focus on those things that can be fixed and work with your recruiters toward a solution.

3. Don’t get emotional

Conflict can make everyone angry, stressed, or even tearful. Don’t get emotional! It’s never a good idea in work situations.  If you are emotional, deal with the situation at another time. Never choose an upsetting moment to make your case.

Again, you need to discuss a fix the situation with the staffing agency.  We are here to listen, support, and coach you to success!

4. Pick and choose your battles

If your workplace has multiple conflicts, it’s not likely you can resolve all of them. You need to pick the most important first.  You should consider which policies, practices, or behaviors are affecting you personally.

Think over what is most important if you have several different conflict areas.  At the end of the day our goal to help you be successful so if you just need to talk with a caring professional who has your best interest in mind please call us first!

If You’re Job Hunting, We Can Help

Some conflicts may be difficult to resolve. One solution is to find a new job. Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really.  Contact us today for staffing agencies in Arlington, Dallas, Mesquite, DeSoto, and Richardson or search for a job here.

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