When you’re hired by an employer, you need to care about the company enough to do a good job. Companies don’t need just another warm body to fill its order and make its warehouse run smoothly. They need to care. So, how do you show that you’re not just another warm body at work, but worth your salt every day?

1) Get to Work on Time

A great employee will always be at work a few minutes early, and ready to start work when the shift begins. You see, it’s normal to want to chat a bit before work or sip your coffee. But doing that at work, once the shift starts, hurts the company’s productivity. It means less business gets done than should.

2) Be Extremely Responsible

Always give work your all. Do everything to the best of your ability. If you see something not working, say so. Maybe a forklift driver accidentally delivered material to the wrong part of the warehouse. If you see some products where they shouldn’t be, say so. It will help the issue get solved.

3) Work Hard

A good work ethic is a great thing. Commit to getting your work done at a good pace. Never slack off 10 minutes before quitting time. Do what needs to be done; don’t leave it for the next guy or gal.

4) Be a Good Team Player

People who get along with their colleagues are invaluable to a company. If a team on a shift doesn’t get along, it can create unnecessary conflicts. Make a point to get along with people, both at the staffing agency and the client company.

If someone is difficult and you absolutely can’t get along with them, be professional. Don’t argue or fight with them.

5) You need to meet the company’s goals

Companies have goals. A great employee will embrace them and meet them. Are you working as a forklift driver in a new building? Think of the contribution to the city the building will make. Think of all the people who will be working in it. Be proud of your contribution!

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