When you have a job interview, first impressions are huge. If you show up late with coffee spilled across your shirt, you may have lost the job before you even open your mouth. Why? Because the staffing agency and hiring manager are evaluating you for the job at every minute of an interview. They will assume that the way you act on a job interview is the way you will act on the job.

How to Make a Good First Impression

So how do you make sure your first impression is top notch? Follow these tips.

Tip #1: Get to the interview 15 minutes early

You want to make sure you have time to comb your hair and relax. Frankly, it’s a good idea to drive to the interview place a few days before so you know how long it takes you.

Give yourself a buffer zone of one-half hour more than it takes you so there’s no chance of your being late.

Tip #2: Make sure your clothes are clean and shoes shined

Sometimes we can think are clothes are clean and shoes shined and then…we pull them out of the closet the morning of the interview and find they’re not!

The solution is to look at your clothes a few days before. If a button needs to be fixed or laundry done, you’ll have time to do it.

Tip #3: Proofread your resume

Errors in spelling and formatting in a resume are bad news in an interview. They give the impression that you can’t pay attention to detail. Do a spell check on your resume. Have a family member or friend read it too.

Bring a copy with you in a folder. If you have to fill out an application, it’s handy to have.

Tip #4: Turn off your cell phone during the interview

Never, never answer or talk or text on your cell phone during the interview. First, it’s rude. Your interview deserves your time and attention in the interview process. Even if it’s something important, like a baby-sitter, call them after the interview.

Second, it can give your interviewer the impression that you’ll be talking on the phone during work hours. Employers want you to pay attention to the job at hand.

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