When you’re looking to fill jobs, it can sometimes seem like there’s a shortage of good workers.

Well, there could be. The news recently is that the U.S. may be facing a shortfall of skilled manufacturing workers. Too few workers have the skills for the jobs available.

In fact, over the next 20 years, employers needing plant and system operators face a nearly 96% chance of having a worker shortage. Companies needing machinists face a nearly 90% of having a skilled worker shortage.

Why? Well, there’s a few reasons. Baby Boomers are retiring. They were one of the largest generations. Generation Z, the current crop of teenagers and people in their early twenties, is far smaller. In fact, Generation Z is smaller even than Millennials, the generation immediately before them, who were significantly smaller than Baby Boomers.

In addition, college has been stressed far more than training in manufacturing for the past several decades. Young people may not be thinking of manufacturing jobs as much as their grandparents did.

Companies have also been investing heavily in outsourcing and streamlining their labor needs. They may be placing less emphasis on training and hiring people for manufacturing jobs.

How Do You Find Good Workers?

On to the more pressing issue: you do you find and recruit good workers?

Here are steps to take.

1) Be competitive in what you offer workers

When there’s a shortage of workers, good ones can pick and choose. You need to keep up with what the going salaries are in your area. You need to at least meet those salaries. If you can better them, you stand a good chance of attracting the best workers.

It’s the same with benefits and other perks. Research and ask around to find out what your competitors do. If they offer 2 weeks of vacation or other things workers want, and you don’t, the best workers will be inclined to go to companies who do.

2) Train your workers

If your entry level people are good workers — reliable, on time, and ready to roll up their sleeves — it’s a good idea to train them for higher level roles. Why? Well, part of being a good worker, of course, is the qualities they’ve already demonstrated.

People who can’t move up to higher salaries and levels of responsibility will be more inclined to look elsewhere for those things. If you train them, you can more easily retain them.

3) Show appreciation of good workers

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Develop a plan for showing appreciation of your good workers. It can be simple, just a gift card at the local pizza place.

You can also institute a policy like employee of the month. Place a sign of recognition in the newsletter or a public place. The advantage to employee of the month is that it encourages people, because everyone has a chance every month.

Stride Staffing Can Help You Find Good Workers

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