The go-to employee! It’s a key and enviable position no matter what industry you work in and no matter what your job description is.

The go-to employee is the one both the boss and the rest of the team turns to in times requiring a cool head. In times requiring peak performance. In times requiring a new path.

The go-to employee is like a most valuable player in sports. And just like most valuable players, being a go-to employee has its rewards. Go-to folks are more likely to get higher raises and better promotions than average employees.

Yes, but how do you become a go-to employee? Here are three ways.

1) Be Cheerful, Flexible and Calm

Both your boss and co-workers need to know they can turn to you with a rush assignment, a sudden problem or just to ask how something should be handled. One way you get to that point of trust and responsibility is to be cheerful, flexible and calm. All the time.

It’s easy to get frustrated at rushes, problems or stuff your boss or Mel in shipping have no idea how to do. Don’t. You need to be approachable and viewed as the person who is always willing to help.

2) Take Responsibility

The go-to employee is the one who can be depended upon to get it done. Whether it’s a sudden inputting of labels no one realized were needed yesterday or packing 150 boxes due tomorrow, be the person who takes responsibility for completion of the task. Not just part of it. You never act as if it’s someone else’s responsibility the issue happened or someone else’s responsibility to get it done.

A go-to employee instills trust in boss and co-workers. If they need to go home or be somewhere else, you are the person who will do it, even if it takes until 11 p.m.

3) Go Above and Beyond

In every assignment you’re given, do more than 100 percent. Those labels no one realized were needed yesterday? See they are printed out and put on. But also come up with a plan to ensure such a crisis never happens again. Do more members of the team need to have access to destinations? Does the database need an upgrade?

If you are given an assignment to assemble components, see if you can come up with a more productive method. Share it with your boss. New and different ways of performing tasks are one of a go-to employee’s jobs.

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