The “Greatest Generation” is the generation that went through World War II. The Greatest Generation showed courage, loyalty and patriotism. They also showed leadership. Winning World War II required excellent leaders and strong teamwork — enough to form a band of brothers.

As a result, getting leadership tips from the Greatest Generation is a smart idea.

1)  Unify People Behind a Goal

In World War II, the nation was unified behind a single goal: winning the war. Soldiers, officers and people on the home front all knew the goal. They knew what their individual role was. They knew why the goal was important.

As in war, people need to be unified behind a single goal that matters to all of them. Whether it’s meeting quotas, increasing production or stepping up their skills, the dominant goals need employees unified behind them. People need to know why the goal is important. What larger picture does it contribute to? They also need to know how their specific role contributes to the larger goal.

Have meetings where you communicate company goals, why they’re important and what each person’s contribution is expected to be.

2) Develop Teamwork

The people who make up a specific group, such as a battalion or platoon, need to trust each other. They need to think like a team. Solo workers can’t do much in an army: it’s dangerous to be without the other soldiers. But neither can warehouse workers. They must work together as a team.

You may need to create teamwork in your group. Can you have contests where the group that produces the most gets free pizza? Have summer picnics with teams competing in softball or soccer. Sports teams, even temporary ones, are a great way to build teamwork.

3) Reward Hard Work

Nothing succeeds like hard work. The U.S. won in World War II because everyone worked hard until the job was done. The Greatest Generation had one of the strongest work ethics the world has ever seen.

Hire people with a strong work ethic. Reward the hardest worker of the month regularly. Make sure slacking off is not tolerated.

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