All managers want — and need — their employees to respect them. But there are different ways to make sure you are getting respect.

If you earn respect, you are much more likely to get it than if you demand it. Employees look at their bosses to see what they do. If it doesn’t accord with what they see, or with what they are asked to do, they won’t give managers respect.

So how do managers earn respect? Here are 4 ways.

1) Doing Yourself What Is Required of Them

If you want hard-working and reliable employees, you need to be a hard-working and reliable boss. Believe me, if they see you working as hard to lead the team and benefit the company as they are asked to work, you will earn respect.

Always do yourself what you ask them to do. Is punctuality a problem? Never be late yourself. Be visible getting to work and working.

2) Create a Positive Workplace

Developing a positive workplace takes time and effort. You need to promote and reward positive behaviors. You need to instill a sense of teamwork. Be sure to let your employees know they are appreciated.

Make rewards for positive behaviors visible. If people do above and beyond, post a congratulatory letter in the lunchroom.

3) Recognize Their Achievements

Employees respect managers who recognize their achievements. Praise them for great work performance. Take the team leaders, official or unofficial, aside to thank them for helping lead the team.

If you see potential, develop your employees further. Promoting someone will gain their appreciation, but having the skills and insight to notice their potential wins both respect and gratitude.

4) Provide Opportunities to Take Ownership

Employees differ, of course, in the amount of supervision they need. But good workplaces will provide opportunities to take “ownership” of some tasks. Let the more responsible people decide how or when they will do specific tasks, if possible. Set the overall direction and what needs to be achieved yourself, but give them some ability to decide and choose.

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