All of your top employees appreciate being acknowledged for the efforts they have given and the results that have benefitted your company. And it is vital that you do recognize these high performers, even if it’s something as simple as a pat on the back or a kind word in front of everyone else in the office.

It’s important to show appreciation regularly to motivate and encourage employees. It can improve their confidence and self-worth, and it can increase productivity throughout the workplace.

Recognizing employees who are deserving can set a positive tone for the department or office. Workers who know that they will get a word of encouragement or a grateful gesture for doing a good job are more at ease and productive than those who only know that a kick in the pants awaits their next mistake.

Praise and recognition don’t take much time or effort from a business, but they yield tremendous benefits to both the worker and the company. Here are just three.

1. You create engagement and a sense of ownership

When an employee is recognized for doing good work, it is an encouragement to continue to give the same or higher level of performance. Workers begin to feel engaged, which leads to a sense of belonging and ownership in the company. Engaged employees are happier and more productive. And when employees feel that they belong, the mood of the shop or office improves.

2. It leads to a better bottom line

It’s simple. When you praise or acknowledge your employees’ performance, it directly affects your business’s overall results. It works like this: Your employee does something that deserves recognition, and you want to see it repeated. You reward or thank the employee for doing something special, and the worker keeps doing it to receive more recognition. It might sound disingenuous, but it’s not. It’s praising what should be praised, and it’s good for the worker and the bottom line.

3. Loyalty increases and you will keep the best talent

When your employees receive acknowledgment for their efforts, they tend to be more loyal towards you and their work. The more your staff feels valued and encouraged, the more likely they are to remain with you. And retaining skilled workers is a challenge that you could overcome with a few kind words or a celebration of an employee’s achievements whenever they are deserved.

Find the best talent

Convincing today’s top candidates that your company is their best choice is more critical than ever. A culture of encouragement, a positive work environment, and appreciation of a job well done will go a long way to setting you apart. If you are looking to add great folks to your team contact Stride Staffing to learn more or request a consultation today!