The biggest disadvantage of a temporary job seems to be obvious; there’s no guarantee you’ll be working next week, let alone a few years down the road. So why should you even consider joining the approximately 3.25 million who are temporarily employed through U.S. staffing companies each week?

For one thing, taking a short-term job may be the best option for ending your unemployment. Businesses are hiring contract workers because they can obtain them quickly, adjust the number of employees to fit their present needs, and give them a try before bringing them on permanently. These are advantages for an employer, but can there also be value to the worker? The short answer is yes. And here are some of them:

A temp job might not be so temporary

While you may look at “temporary” as being employed by the day or week, the truth is the length of temporary jobs has increased. It’s not unusual for contracts to be several months long. Keep in mind your temp job could become permanent. If you have a notable work ethic (staying late when you’re needed and accepting more responsibility, for instance), you could land a permanent position with the company.

Gain some experience

A reputable employment agency will work with you to make sure your temporary job is in line with your past experiences. And even if a perfect match isn’t available, you will have an opportunity to pick up new skills and add valuable experience to your resume. You might even discover these combined skills will send you to a different industry or maybe on a new career path.

 You’ll feel better about yourself

Anyone who has ever been out of work knows the feeling of hopelessness and diminished self-worth that comes with it. A temp job, even one that doesn’t run parallel to your chosen career, will end that cycle and make you feel as if you’re back in the game. A temporary gig may not be what you were hoping for, but it beats unemployment and eliminates those long employment gaps in your resume. And you’ll get the psychological prerequisite of being employed.

Find the right temporary or permanent job

Finding your way through the job market can be a tricky and time-consuming process. When you work with a staffing company, they can add significant value to your job search and your career. Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really. Contact us today or search for a new job here.

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