If you’re looking for a job, it can be easy to get discouraged when if you know there are a ton of other applicants. You might wonder if a company will even look at your application.

But remember, companies need people to do their work. If you can do the work, you’re valuable to them. The trick is making sure they know your value.

Here’s 3 ways you can show them how valuable you are.

1) Have a great application/resume

If the job has an application form to be filled out, be sure to fill it out completely. Why? Because a surprisingly number of people don’t. Be as neat as possible. Many employers see how workers apply as the first test of how they work. If you do a complete and thorough job, it indicates you’ll likely be a complete and thorough employee, who can follow directions.

If the job posting asks for a resume, send one in. Have a friend or family member help you proofread, so it’s accurate. Here, too, the company will see the completeness and accuracy of a resume as a sign of how you’ll be on the job.

2) Make a good first impression at the interview

 If you’re called in to interview, be sure to make a good first impression. Here, too, many employees see the interview as a trial run for the job. It’s not that you’re doing the same tasks, of course. It’s that they see it as a sign you can behave appropriately and know the rules.

So: dress neatly for the interview, with shirts tucked in and no t-shirts or jeans. Make you’re your clothes are clean a few days before the interview. Press your clothes the night before. Shine your shoes.

Be sure you’re on time for the interview — aim to get there about 15 minutes early. Be sure to know the route so you don’t get lost or can’t make it on time. Being late can torpedo your chances of being hired.

Turn your phone off so you’re not distracted during the interview.

Be polite and respectful to the interviewer. Answer all questions thoroughly.

3) Show why you want to work for the company

Most companies like to know if a potential employee has reasons for wanting to work with them. Do you have friends or family who work there, for example? Do they speak well of the company? If so, be sure to point that out during the interview.

If you especially want to do the work as a career, point that out as well. Many companies want people who will stay and be promoted.

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