Safety on the job is very important. It’s easy to assume that all jobs are safe. However, if you’re working near manufacturing equipment, moving equipment such as forklifts or on floors where something might be spilled, for example, you need to take some safety precautions. And those are just three examples.

Here are the top 5 ways to stay safe on the job.

1) Stay aware of your surroundings

Be aware of your surroundings. If a situation seems like it might be unsafe, report it to your supervisor. If it looks like a specific area has become unsafe, don’t do anything that would make it more so! Say that heavy boxes have been stacked carelessly, for example. Don’t be the person who throws the last box on a stack in a way that will make the whole stack topple. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

2) Wear safe clothing

If you’ve been told to wear specific clothing for safety reasons, by all means do it! Employers may ask that you always wear shirts and t-shirts tucked in, for example, because loose clothing can catch on items you work with or near. Other commonly worn safety clothes are shoes or boots heavy enough to protect your feet in case something is dropped on them, with soles that won’t skid.

3) Wear appropriate safety gear

Safety gear is slightly different from clothing, although it can be something you wear. It might be something the company requires you to buy or issues to fulfill safety regulations. Earplugs, for example, might be required to protect your hearing. Hard hats are something required. Brightly colored yellow or orange safety jackets might ensure that you can be seen on a warehouse or factory floor.

4) Keep areas clean and clear

Work areas that are dirty or have debris around can be dangerous. It’s important to keep areas clean and clear. Boxes and paper, for example, can cause accidents and even fires if they come too close to electrical equipment.

5) Report unsafe conditions

While companies should be aware of unsafe conditions, supervisors can’t be everywhere. If an unsafe condition develops where you can see it, be sure to report it to your supervisor. This can include everything from someone unintentionally putting supplies or equipment in front of a fire exit or items spilled on the warehouse or factory floor. Fire exits need to be accessible to everyone at all times.

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