If you’ve got an appointment with a staffing agency, you might be wondering what you should wear.

Treat an appointment with a staffing agency as a job interview at a company. The staffing agency is the group you want to hire you to begin work. You want to dress as you would for a job interview.

That often means dressing differently than you would at work. If you’re a forklift driver, for example, you and the other drivers might dress in jeans and a t-shirt. It’s okay to be grimy. If you’re looking for warehouse work, they might tell you to show up in your most comfortable jeans and a t-shirt too, or provide a jacket.

What to Wear

Neither are okay for an interview. You don’t have the job yet. You aren’t working on the floor of a plant or warehouse, or out in the open. The rule of thumb in job interviews is to dress slightly better than you would at work.

Generally, men should wear slacks and a tucked-in shirt. Women should wear a dress or skirt and tucked-in blouse.

Remember grooming, of course. Shower before an interview. Make sure your nails are clean. Look at the clothes you plan to wear a few days before the appointment. Are they clean, or do they need to be washed or dry cleaned? If so, you have time to bring them up to par. Are they free of wrinkles? If not, be sure to iron them before the interview.

Shine your shoes and make sure they are clean.

Letting the Agency See You at Your Best

Why do you have to dress this way? Well, people who are interviewing folks for jobs want to see them at their best. They also want to see that the people they are interviewing know what to do on an interview. It’s a way of figuring out whether the person is savvy and can adapt to different situations.

Being savvy and adapting to different situations is good in all job situations, so they want to see if you can do that. Show them you can!

Looking for a Job? Let a Staffing Agency Help

If you’re looking for a job, let a staffing agency help. We can provide advice on getting a job and have openings using your skills.

Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really.

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