The success rate in hiring is important to any business. Briefly, the success rate is the number of people hired who are good employees: reliable and able to do their tasks well. How can you make your hiring more successful?

Reducing Hiring and Firing Costs 

When you add up the time and effort expended on hiring, it’s can be quite a lot. A job description has to be developed and posted. A decision has to be made about where it is posted. Resumes and applications have to be screened. People have to be interviewed.

Then, of course, there’s a training period when the new hire comes in. Even the best employees have a learning curve, when they won’t be at peak productivity.

If a new hire is a good employee, the company is ultimately rewarded with a good worker. But if the person is not a good hire, they may end up having to be let go.

This can be costly as well. There are procedures to letting someone go. A performance plan usually must be instituted. Even if you are working with a staffing agency and hiring temporary workers, a new temp must be brought in and learn the ropes when one is fired.

You want a high success rate to cut down on hiring and firing costs.

Better Overall Productivity

A good success rate – a high number of employees hired who turn out to be good, reliable workers – is great for productivity. They go through a training period, enter maximize productivity to you and produce well. Your team becomes productive.

Stride Staffing Can Help

A staffing agency can help increase your success rate. They can recruit so you find candidates with the experience and skills you need. They can supply you with temporary workers so that you can see the quality of work with no lengthy interview process, and choose only the best qualified without having to go through a firing process.

Stride Staffing’s goal is to build stronger connections between employers and individuals by doing staffing differently. Really. Contact us today for hiring and recruitment help in Arlington, Texas and other locations.

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